About us

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About us

We are a young dance company with grown-up ambitions.


We create professional, innovative dance productions, with a strong focus on the human identity within multiple cultures. Our tool is dance; a communal language understood by everyone, with the power to express what is verbally inexpressible.


“Dance is a language that needs to be experienced to be heard”. – Bhola. Nishant Bhola’s choreographies are based on themes related to living as an individual within or in between multiple cultures. In his dance performances, Bhola examines the mental and emotional noise that arises when different cultures coexist in a single person. His personal experience of an Indian migrant now integrated in the Dutch society is a rich source of inspiration. He translates personal experience to universal themes to invoke recognition in the audience.

An Ecological Model

As a societal foundation, we are an active element in an ecosystem where dance, artistic development, society, politics and public space impact and nourish each other.By taking our performances outside the theaters, and by participating in educational programs in schools, we bring both dance and the themes of our work closer to an audience.

Board of Directors

Joep HamacherChairperson

Joep studied social work, organisation and management at the academy of Nijmegen and Amsterdam. His interest and drive to familiarise himself with cultures in all its dimensions has been a common theme in his working life. He is an developer and innovator. Besides his personal interest in dance and movement, he believes in the vision and ambitions of this young dance company.

Jacques van Meel(Former)Secretary

Jacques was the director of Fontys Dance academy for more than 20 years. He is currently the programmer for the Erasmus House in Jakarta, Indonesia and Artistic leader of the Festival Roosendaal Danst! in The Netherlands. He has collaborated with Nishant on various occasion in the course of past ten years.

Due to his busy schedule, Jacques has regretfully resigned from the board of directors in September 2017. The position of Secretary is now open for an enthousiastic new board member. Check the bottom of this page for more information.

Aukje van GestelTreasurer

Aukje has her roots in Noord-Brabant. She studied and worked as a medical scientist, and later expanded her professional interest to business administration. Growing up, Aukje spent much of her time in classrooms of the community arts center, and she continued to have an active amateur modern dance carrier. She currently restricts dancing to her own living room.


Nishant BholaArtistic Director

Nishant Bhola has a diverse history as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and migrant. He grew up in India, where he lived and later worked for eighteen years, before he came to The Netherlands over ten years ago. Nishant comes from a modernizing India, where processes , political climate and society have changed dramatically over the past thirty years. His personal experiences as a human being in different cultures determines his artistic vision.


You? Business Leader

We are currently recruiting for an enthusiastic Business Leader. Read more about it here (text is in Dutch).

You? Marketer/ Communication co-worker

Also, we have a job opening for an enthusiastic Marketer. Read more about it here (Dutch).

You? Secretary

The board of directors has an opening for a Secretary on a voluntary basis. Read more about it here (Dutch).


For more information or to apply, please send an e-mail to bestuur@worldofdance.nl